There is a better way to eat raw seeds and nuts Activating them! And I would go even further: germinating them.

It is a process that costs very little and causes a series of events to happen in the seed, which once you know about them, we are sure you will want to benefit from them.

What is "activated"?

Activating nuts and seeds consists of soak them to remove their enzyme inhibitors.

Enzyme inhibitors are molecules contained in the seeds to prevent the germination process from being triggered prematurely. In this way, they are protected so that germination only takes place when the optimum conditions of humidity and warmth that they need are present in nature.

When we soak them, the inhibitors pass into the water.

And what happens?

For the awakened seed. It has finally found water to grow and begins to absorb it. This makes their natural evolutionary processesThe seed is inactivated by antinutrients (enzyme inhibitors), which are like the guardians of the seed, protecting it until it finds the necessary conditions for its development (water and sun). These anti-nutrients, which as I have already said are natural defence toxins in the seed (such as phytic acid and tannins) cause us to have Difficulty in absorbing their nutrients and can lead to very heavy digestions. When activated, these anti-nutrients pass into the soaking water, while in the seed, enzymatic cascades begin to take place, which result in positive for usThey enhance the nutritional content of the seed.

How is it done?

  1. Soak the chosen seeds in a non-plastic jar or jar.
  2. Cover them well with filtered, osmosis or bottled water (when the seeds begin to absorb it, it will be considerably reduced), add a splash of unfiltered fermented apple cider vinegar.
  3. Leave them to soak for 6 to 12 hours or so (depending on the seed).
  4. Once the time is up, rinse them well under the tap and discard the soaking water (you will see how dirty they come out... this is partly due to the tannins and partly due to the dirt in the seed...).

How to use them?

You can eat them as they are(Walnuts and almonds are delicious like this).
In that case, keep in mind that you will have to store them in a jar in the fridge. They will keep for about 3 days. You can use them for a recipe (whether for "dairy", sauces or vegetable milks) or for any other recipe that calls for soaked seeds (soaked seeds are much more tender, which makes them much easier to crush and achieve creamy consistencies).

Or you can re-dehydrating (in the dehydrator). In that case, you have to dry them very well (until they are crisp), otherwise they will rot quickly.

Another option is to marinate them to make super healthy snacks. You'll see what a huge difference there is from activated seeds to normal seeds, nuts and almonds. become tender and delicateIt is very pleasant to eat them just as they are.

Why activate seeds?

  • To remove natural toxicants (phytic acid and tannins)
  • To neutralise enzyme inhibitors
  • To activate enzymatic processes
  • To increase the amounts of vitamins (especially B vitamins)
  • To make them more digestible
  • To promote the absorption of its proteins
  • For a more delicate taste

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