It is important to be aware and mindful of the importance and benefits of the ORGANIC FOODWhy?

Scandals related to the use of the genetically modified foodprocessed, artificial or synthetic. For save costsIn the case of the natural products of cultivation and harvesting, companies are tempted to replace them with more harmful but cheaper ones.

If you don't have food to compare, you may not be able to differentiate between the different types of food. ORGANIC FOOD and those that are not, however, we assure you that there is an incredible difference at all levels. That's why, in this article, we are going to tell you why we should eat organic fruit and vegetables.

Organic diet: organic food and juices from organic fruits and vegetables

We all know that the organic fruit and vegetables are healthier than the rest, but to what extent and why?

1. Own health

This is a point that is self-evident. Feeding on chemical compounds It doesn't sound like a very healthy idea, yet it is something we do on a daily basis. In the mass cultivation these products are spread widely to achieve the highest possible volume of food, with no regard for their quality or their influence on those who eat them.

Sometimes, this contamination is such that our body is not able to dispose of all the ingested waste, resulting in what we know as bioaccumulationa process that consists of the accumulation of unhealthy residues within our own body.

The organic foodInstead, it makes use of green manures and pesticides natural, which do not contaminate the food, so when we eat organic fruit and vegetables we do so with the certainty that there is nothing else, just fruit or vegetables.

2. Nutritional quality

The organic fruit and vegetables have a 40% plus antioxidants than the ones we usually take, so in addition to taking care of ourselves by avoiding the consumption of chemicals, we benefit from this interesting feature.

3. Detox purification

If we want to carry out a detox diet we need to be more aware than ever of the fact that we eat or drink food or drink juices 100% organic This is because we will not ingest toxins from fruit and vegetables, but if we do not do so with green juices 100% organic we will not be able to carry out a full debugging.

It is equally or even more important to ensure that these juices are not pausterised or subjected to a HPP process which inactivates the enzymatic activity and removes a large part of the vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables.

4. Taste

Undoubtedly, naturally grown fruits and vegetables are only available in season, they are not standardised and therefore, the taste is specific to each productThe real thing, the real thing, the real thing.

5. Other people's health

Any agricultural worker exposed to pesticides, pesticides and other contaminants are more prone to diseaseincluding some as serious as cancer or poisoning.

6. Nature protection

Among the many ways in which we help preserve the environmentone of them is the non-contamination of groundwater, since the organic agriculture does not use pesticides during irrigation.

The chemical fertiliser also severely damages soils, eroding them in its path and so rapidly that regeneration is impossible.

Of course, pesticides, pesticides and herbicides contain compounds that also pollute the air, so that nature is damaged in every possible way.

7. Small-scale organic food production

Buying such products from small farms, we are favouring their economy and preventing their increasingly common disappearance.. Small farms with a sales focus have all but disappeared, as they cannot compete with industrial farming systems.

In addition, the budget for these ORGANIC FOOD is not very different from the one you currently use. The difference is that you put it to other uses that are more beneficial for the small worker (who can invest to grow quality crops). In short, we must eating organic fruit and vegetables to take care of our health, the health of those around us and the health of Mother Earth herself, who, after all, is the one who provides us with all our food.

For all these reasons, in BeBo we offer you Cold Press green juices made to 100% from these organic fruits and vegetables, thus creating values that are in tune with human and environmental well-being.


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