Recipes rich in Vegetable Protein

Recetas ricas en proteínas vegetales

The best known sources of protein are of animal origin, but, especially in recent years, lifestyles have diversified and some suggest eliminating all or part of animal sources from their diet. As in the case of vegans who prefer to prepare recipes rich in vegetable proteins. It is a ... Read more

Fibre-rich recipes, suitable for keto or ketogenic diets

Recetas ricas en fibra, aptas para una dieta keto o cetogénica

One of the concerns that arises when a healthier type of diet is recommended is: "What am I going to eat now?" Be careful, eating healthy food does not mean going hungry, because there are a variety of options within our reach. Even more so if we choose to adopt a keto or ketogenic diet The keto or ketogenic diet developed ... Read more

Summer weight loss recipes

recetas para perder peso en verano

Summer rhymes with lightness and outdoor activities, but it is also synonymous with ice cream, chopped fruit all day long, cocktails and barbecues where hidden fats are plentiful. Holidays also generate a sense of detachment that can also be felt in our diet, so discovering some recipes for slimming ... Read more