Do you have hunger pangs, are you on a diet and don't know what to eat?

¿Qué puedo comer cuando tengo un ataque de hambre y estoy a dieta?

Hunger attacks are so called precisely because they are unstoppable. When they come, it is difficult to control them and we often end up eating whatever is available with the risk of throwing away all our attention to following a healthy and balanced diet. Let's be clear: we are not martyrs and the sudden onslaught of hunger can depend on many factors, ... Read more

Recipes rich in Vegetable Protein

Recetas ricas en proteínas vegetales

The best known sources of protein are of animal origin, but, especially in recent years, lifestyles have diversified and some suggest eliminating all or part of animal sources from their diet. As in the case of vegans who prefer to prepare recipes rich in vegetable proteins. It is a ... Read more