Cold Press Benefits

Are you wondering about the advantages of Cold Press over conventional centrifugation? Cold Press technology reduces the process of juice oxidation, preserving all the nutrients of fruits and vegetables intact for about 4 days.

Cold Press System

The Cold Press system, also called cold pressing, is the technology we use to extract juice from the best organic fruits and vegetables. The extraction takes place with high hydraulic pressure that allows to maintain intact all the properties for a period of up to 4 days so that you can have more margin to consume them without worrying about losing their properties.

This is a method that has revolutionized the market for natural and healthy green juices since it allows them to be taken in a longer period of time without losing the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that fade with the juices echos at the moment with centrifuges or blenders.

Cold Press Benefits

  • Cold Pressed juices are made at low speed, without oxidizing them, which allows to keep active all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals of fruits and vegetables.
  • They contain between 3 and 5 times more nutrients than liquefied or centrifuged juices.
  • Its flavor is much more intense and without pulp.
  • Unlike centrifuged juices that lose their properties in about 15 minutes, Cold Press juices are preserved for up to 4 days with all their properties.
  • It is very important that a Cold Press juice is not subject to any preservation process like the HPP because this process deactivates the enzymes and kills the most nutrients of the juice.
  • You can differentiate a fresh juice Cold Press to a Cold Press juice subjected to HPP for its duration since the HPP juices are not considered fresh and their shelf life is greater than 5 days.
  • With a Cold Press machine you get between 20% and 30% more juice than with a conventional centrifuge so that you get more quantity and quality of juice with the same amount of fruit and vegetables.

More fruits and vegetables

In each of our Cold Press juices there is more than 1 kg of fruit and vegetables that are 100% organic so you will find it a very easy and delicious way to add fruit and vegetables to your diet in order to lead a healthier lifestyle and Prevent cardiovascular or cancerous diseases.

You can be completely calm as our Cold Press do not contain added sugar nor are they subjected to any conservation process like pasteurized or HPP. We also use fresh fruit and vegetables and 100% organic to avoid any type of toxic agent in your juices.

Why choose BeBo Cold Press Juices?

  • Elaboramos diáriamente los zumos con fruta y verdura siempre 100% ecológica certificada, buscando la proximidad cuándo es posible.
  • No sometemos nuestros zumos Cold Pressed a ningún proceso de conservación cómo el pasteurizado ni el HPP que conservan los zumos hasta 40 días perdiendo así la mayor partes de vitaminas y enzimas del zumo.
  • Puedes conservar los zumos hasta 4 días con todos sus nutrientes.
  • Cada uno de nuestros zumos contienen 500 ml a diferencia de otras marcas que son de 400 ml.
  • Con cada una de nuestras botellas podrás tomar más de 1 kg de fruta y verdura exprimida.
  • No añadimos ningún tipo de azúcar, aditivo ni conservante a los zumos.
  • Queremos cuidar de ti, dedicando nuestro tiempo y conocimiento para ofrecerte zumos llenos de vitaminas, minerales y enzimas y así poder cuidar de tu salud cómo te mereces.

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